Fantasia Barrino Gets Called “Home Wrecker” From Her Baby Daddy’s Family


According to online reports Fantasia Barrino is getting the cold shoulder when it comes to be welcomed into her baby daddy’s family home. The singer has been branded a “home wrecker” and is being kept on the outskirts of her lover’s family.

From Radar Online reports:

Fantasia Barrino is desperate to make it work with baby daddy Antwaun Cook has exclusively learned the singer is green with envy when it comes to his ex’s relationship with his family.

“Fantasia thought that having a baby with Antwaun would solidify them as a family and she’s really been trying to build relationships with his family, especially his mother,” a source close to the situation told us.

“But his family just doesn’t like her and nothing is going to change that.”

The source tells that Antwaun’s estranged wife, Paula Cook, is still very close with his family — particularly his mother — and it’s driving Fantasia crazy.

“Paula and Antwaun have two children together and they’re very much in his mother’s life. Paula has always had a good relationship with his mom,” the source said.

“Fantasia doesn’t stand a chance with Antwaun’s family. They know that she pursued him while he was married to Paula and that she’s the reason they’re separated. They view her as a homewrecker.”

Of course we’ll keep you posted. Stay Tuned.