Rumor: Oprah’s OWN Network May Be Facing The Axe


Oprah Winfrey is close to having an Ah-Ha moment of her OWN soon. The media mogul’s network co-owner Discovery may be pulling the plug on their investment with talk queen if the network ratings don’t improve.

According to reports, OWN is facing more than $150 million in losses this year and it could mean the end for the channel.

SNL Kagan analyst Derek Baine reports:

Oprah Winfrey Network’s staff reduction and the cancellation of ‘The Rosie Show’ are clear signs the network is struggling. Reining in costs will only do so much to keep Discovery Communications from pulling the plug on the network if ratings continue to remain low.”

Although there hasn’t been an official word on an OWN cancellation,  according to Baine, ratings have been weak at best. He adds:

The only thing that has really worked is Winfrey’s “Next Chapter” celebrity interview show, and those numbers have been driven by how big a “get” she has in terms of the guest and subject matter.

Sigh. Seems like a tough road ahead. Hopefully programming can get it together. Stay Tuned.