Paid Up: Kat Williams Claims He Racks In $28,000 A Month


It’s hard to believe that any person who’s in and out of jail, dealing with a current custody case, and allegedly having some major drug issues – is able to make a cool $28,000 a month. Well apparently comedian Katt Williams has found the magic key to making money. Last year, Katt won back custody of his 8-year-old adopted daughter from his former nanny and now filed new documents in the case, updating L.A. County Superior Court on his financial status.

In the documents, Katt lists his average monthly income as $27,778, an income he made from a being a freelance comedian. And what’s even more surprising is that the comedian/actor only uses $7,000 of it to pay bills – the other 20K is his “disposable” money.

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