Uh Oh: EMI Sues Cash Money Records For Unpaid Royalties


Cash Money Records find themselves in a familiar position. The Louisiana based company is being sued by EMI Music after repeated attempts to collect royalties fail to go through.

The co-founders of the Cash Money imprint Brian “Birdman” Williams and his brother Ronald “Slim” Williams are getting sued for failed payments for various samples licensing agreements. They owe EMI under $492,000!

The debt was expected to be settled in quarterly installments. But after Cash Money ceased payments and failled to communicate with EMI, they were forced to take legal action to another level.

The lawsuit goes on to state:

“The sales of (Cash Money Records’) products have far exceeded the payments that Emi has received (and) it is clear from (Cash Money’s) conduct that it has no intention of honoring (our) agreement.”

Still no words on the lawsuit from any Cash Money Records reps.