Sorry Mr. President: Cee-Lo Green Drops F-Bomb At Presidential Fundraiser |Video|


Singer Cee-lo Green may have made the biggest faux-pas of his career. “The Voice” judge decided to add an uncensored performance to his line up at Tyler Perry’s fundraiser for the President on Friday night.

In his performance, Cee Lo Green changed his clean “Forget You” lyrics to the uncensored “F–k You” lyrics. Whoops.

In the video below, Green starts off with the clean version of “Forget You” then asks the audience, “Can I curse in here?”. Unfortunately, Green never waited for a response before he decided to belt out “f*** you!” to the President, his colleagues and media. Noting the disapproving banter, Cee Lo ultimately switched to the censored “Forget You” lyrics once again.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney refused to comment on the song when pressed by reporters aboard Air Force One. Carney did admit that the president is “a fan” of Cee Lo’s music and might have his songs on his iPod.

At an earlier fundraiser, the president was interrupted by a “Ludacris” song when someone’s phone started ringing.

“Woah. Got some ‘Luda’ on there?” the president asked of the person’s ring tone, eliciting some hearty laughter from the crowd. “I hope it’s the clean version.”

Interestingly enough, Fox News show Hannity and Combs took to their soapbox and critiqued Cee-lo’s performance.

Check out Cee Lo – and Fox’s commentary below below: