Sag At Your Own Risk: New York Plans To Join The Ban On Sagging Pants


The land of self expression which is often synonymous with the city of New York, may now be another off-limit area for sagging pants wearing men and women.

New York State Senator Eric Adams recently went public stating that he is pushing for a ban on sagging pants. Similar to other lawmakers in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, Adams has a major issue with young men who are casually showing their underwear  on the streets of their city.

Adams says his Brooklyn district is “ground zero” for the sagging epidemic and has heard many complaints from may who are tired of seeing the style.

“It is symbolic of the erosion of basic, normal decency,” he writes.  “People shouldn’t be displaying their pubic hairs. That is not normal, acceptable behavior in young people that we are grooming to be in a professional environment. You can’t dress the same on the corner as you can in corporate America — you’ll be unemployed.”

Do you agree with Adams and other politicians who want us to do away with the lowered pants?