Phaedra Parks to Pen Etiquette Book, Pitching Three Reality Shows



“The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s” resident southern belle Phaedra Parks beat Marlo Hampton to the etiquette book punch.


Parks describes her upcoming book as “a modern day twist on etiquette and being a lady.” Phaedra wants ladies to take it back to the old school. Hopefully post-slavery, and Jim Crow. reports, “Phaedra, who’s never been shy about liking to dress over-the-top with her big hats and big makeup, wants to bring back traditions from days gone by like high tea, pretty frilly things, hats, gloves and ‘things that make you unique.’


Expect the book to hit shelves in the summer or fall of 2012.


Parks has been as busy as a bee. In addition to penning an etiquette guide, she’s pitching three reality television shows. The shows Ms. Parks is shopping are a far cry from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and most other reality shows featuring wives, ex-wives, jump-offs, side pieces and the like.


“I’m more into the uplifting programs.”

Phaedra hinted about what she hopes will make it to the small screen: “The first show is a docudrama and will take a group of women and empower them. The second show is more of a documentary that deals with serious issues of dating. And the third show is more fun and lighthearted focusing on alternative lifestyles.

“I’m all about girl-power.”


Speaking of “girl power,” we wonder what Parks thinks about her ex-friend Angela Stanton’s new book.


Stay tuned for more.