It’s His Prerogative: ABC News Courts Bobby Brown For Upcoming Interview


ABC News wants to follow in Oprah Winfrey’s footsteps. Well sort of. The television network is rumored to be working on securing one of their biggest interviews for this year: the unpredictable Bobby Brown.

The only problem is, will Brown accept their offer? 

After Oprah was able to monopolize the ratings with an exclusive interview of Whitney’s family including her daughter, Bobbi Kristina – ABC News is alledgedly going after a similar ratings mark with Bobby Brown.

The reports that if Brown accepts their offer he would be paid something similar to a network licensing fee or “something like that.”  In this case, “something like that” would range from a low to mid six-figure pay check for the New Edition singer.

However, an ABC rep said that if the interview does take place, no money would be paid to Brown. Yet, one can likely assume that there will be some monetary compensation for Brown if he does agree to participate in the interview.

Currently network sources are confirmed that several representatives for ABC News have been assigned to track down Bobby and members of his circle with hopes to lock in the interview with him.

Of course, MSDTV will keep you posted. Stay Tuned.