Is The Linsanity Over? The New York Times Claims Jeremy Lin Has Reached His Expiration Date


According to NY Times sports reporter Howard Beck, New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin is reaching his anti-climatic end. Fortunately for Madison Square Garden and fans across the globe – the idea of what Lin represents – is still very much alive.

In the NY Times article Beck explains that Lin’s rise to popularity was mostly a result of head coach’s Mike D’ Antoni’s belief that the bench can produce a clutch player. Beck writes:

Lin blossomed because he played in a system that perfectly suited him, for a coach who believed in him and needed him. Lin restored the aesthetics and the excitement to Mike D’Antoni’s frenetic offense and restored faith at Madison Square Garden.

But now with D’Antoni’s official release from the team on Wednesday (March 14) , new head coach Mike Woodson offers a methodology that may not be best suited for rookies such as Lin.

Beck explains:

Mike Woodson is old-school coach and Larry Brown disciple who emphasizes defense, ball control and isolation play. He does not push the tempo, or rely heavily on the pick-and-roll. He holds a tight leash on his point guards.

He prefers veterans to rookies. He wants the offense to run through his stars. He will run most of his plays for Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire.

None of this bodes well for Lin.

And although fans have not given up on Jeremy Lin and what he has offered the Knicks and well as the game of basketball, it does seem as if the tides are indeed turning for the Harvard graduate.

Check out the full story HERE.

Does Howard Beck have a point? Is Linsanity over as we know it?

Stay Tuned.