Charlize Theron Adopts an African-American Baby Boy



Move over Angelina, and Madonna there’s a new mom in town.


36-year-old actress Charlize Theron just adopted an African-American baby boy. Theron named her little man Jackson.


According to a source who reached out to Us Weekly, the actress has always had the baby bug.


“She has always wanted to be a mom,” the source tells Us. “She is glad to be able to do it on her own now and is so happy to be a mom.”


Of course there were a few haters. Some commenters are upset because she didn’t carry the child, and others are upset for other reasons. The comment from Facebook user Patti Leonard took the cake.




“Why a black baby? What is it about adopting a caucasian baby that the stars don’t seem to want to do? She is another star that I will never spend a penny of my money on to see. Are the stars that guilt-ridden about how they have treated black people that they feel they somehow have to make amends. It is disgusting to me to see so many white stars pandering to the blacks.”


Have you ever heard a White person crow when a White actress, or couple adopts a baby from Asia? Me thinks not.


When all is said and done, we’re happy a beautiful baby has found a loving home regardless of race.


Stay tuned for more.



Photo via Crushable