‘American Idol’ Gives Jermaine Jones the Boot, No Ratings Boost |VIDEO|



‘American Idol’ sure knows how to add insult to injury. The talent show aired contestant Jermaine Jones’ dirty laundry on air, and kicked him off the show.


Even after Jones is confronted by executive producers Ken Warwick, and Nigel Lythgoe he makes up a whole other story. He said one charge stemmed from falling down the stairs — with groceries! We guess he was wearing his medic alert bracelet.


VIDEO: Jermaine Jones Meets with American Idol Producers



Pay attention to the time stamps to see how grimy “American Idol” can get when you mess with their producers.


Jones’ on air dismissal did not give the show a much needed ratings boost. Viewership was down 5% from last week.


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Photo via American Idol/Fox