Man Purse: Manny Pacquiao Challenges Floyd Mayweather to Fight with a Huge Payout



Filipino boxing phenom Manny Pacquiao is asking Floyd Mayweather to put his money where his mouth is; he has challenged 50 Cent’s bestie to a fight with a $140 million purse going to the victor. reports the boxers are battling it out at the bargaining table before they enter the ring. Pacquiao wants a 70/30 split with the higher percentage going to the winner. A real win, win.


Mayweather originally offered Pacquiao a flat $40m on condition that he keeps all the pay-TV money.

Pacquiao responded with a guarantee of $55m to Mayweather with them each taking a 50-50 split of the television revenue. No thanks, said Mayweather, who still wants all the extra loot for himself.

Pacquiao’s latest call is a challenge, also, to Mayweather’s insistence that he would win easily. If so 70 per cent would net Mr Money in the region of $140m.


Mayweather seems to be trying make sure he remains the undefeated champion until he’s too old to fight. At this point in the game Maywaether has to man up, or shut up. You shouldn’t hold a title if you are not willing to fight to keep it in your hands.


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