‘American Idol’ Contestant’s Criminal Past Gets Him the Boot


Amateur singer Jermaine Jones beat the sympathy card to death, and it’s going to cost him the chance to be the next “American Idol.” It seems Jones tried to feed the producers a bag of horse crap, and thought they’d eat it up.



Jones told producers he was abandoned by his dad 10 years ago. However, his father wasn’t having it; he called producers to let them know his son was lying … he never abandoned the wannabe singer, and sees him on a regular basis. At this point he probably wishes he made the abandonment story a reality.


That’s not all. During the screening process Jermaine Jones forgot to disclose his two priors. If Jones paid any attention to seasons past he’d know “American Idol” frowns on arrests, especially when violence is a factor. Did we mention he gave the police a different name each time he was arrested?


Jones will appear on tonight’s show, and he’ll be sent packing immediately after.


The moral of the story is don’t lie to producers; their job is to dig up dirt a.k.a., the truth.


Stay tuned for more.



Photo via American Idol/Fox