Chris Brown Has Karrueche’s Back



Chris Brown wants his girlfriend Karrueche Tran to know she has nothing to fear from Rihanna’s fans. Apparently, the #CAKE versus rice cake feud has gotten out of hand. The Rihanna navy is not a fan of the young Ms. Tran, and they have her running scared.


Tran has said she is afraid to leave the house without bodyguards because Rihanna fans have sent her some nasty messages via Twitter.


Several of Rihanna’s fans took the joke one step too far — unleashing an avalanche of violent threats on Karrueche … like “I hope Rihanna beat the dog shit outa yo ass!” … “Watch yo back” … and “I will kill you.”


The ever valiant Chris Brown told his lady friend she has nothing to fear. He’s cool with Rihanna now.


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Photo via Fashion et al/Blogger