Good News for Allen Iverson, Wins $4 Million in Court Ruling



It’s about time embattled former NBA player Allen Iverson heard some good news.


Iverson received a ruling in his favor to collect a $4 million judgement stemming from a real estate case. Iverson initially won the judgement in 2010. However, the defendant filed for bankruptcy soon after.


Iverson won a lawsuit back in 2010 against Martin Sepulveda over a house Iverson purchased in Georgia that had major construction defects … so much so that Allen and his then-wife were forced to move out.

A.I. scored a $4 million judgment, but later in 2010 … Sepulveda filed for bankruptcy, putting Iverson’s big pay day in jeopardy.

But a federal court judge ruled last month in Iverson’s favor, saying the debt could not be discharged and Iverson was still owed the giant chunk of change.


Thanks to the judge’s ruling, if Iverson can get his hands on at least a quarter of what he’s owed the former baller can finishing paying off a debt that’s almost $860,000.


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