RHOA Drama: Lawrence Confronts Marlo About F****t Comment |VIDEO|



Ooh-wee! Marlo Hampton never should have invited herself to South Africa; the label jockey couldn’t hack it in so many ways. Marlo’s inability to control herself became very evident during her whining match with Sheree Whitfield.


During the battle of words Hampton told Whitfield to “go and hang with them f****ts” in reference to a party to which she was not invited. Pretty mature coming from the woman who tried to give etiquette lessons the entire trip.


In the clip below “The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s” diva (because he’s actually talented, and fierce) Lawrence confronts the 35-year-old (cough, cough) Hampton.


Whoops! It seems as if Marlo’s memory slipped on a banana peel, and her exact words escaped her mind.


VIDEO: Lawrence Confronts Marlo



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