Prince Harry Gets Irie in Jamaica, Shows Off Dance Moves |VIDEO|



Prince Harry has pretty awesome princely duties. While his older newlywed brother Prince William, and his bride are off doing stodgy, and more sedate visits; Harry took a trip to Jamaica.


Prince Harry visited Jamaica to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. The queen has been on the throne for 60 years, and Jamaica is celebrating 50 years of independence from British rule.


Prince Harry met up with Usain Bolt, a.k.a. the World’s Fastest Man in Kingston for a race. Surprisingly enough, Prince Harry beat Bolt … he cheated. Bolt joked that he challenged Prince Harry to a rematch in 2012 but the prince said he was busy.




Harry’s skills on the dance floor were more impressive than his skills on the track.


VIDEO: Prince Harry shows off his reggae moves in Jamaica



Prince Harry’s got moves. Who knew?


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