All Rhyme And No Reason: The Game Spits On Group Of Women In Australia |Video|


Compton rapper Game has a lot of explaining to do. The West Coast artist was recently caught on camera spitting on a group of Australian women after they tried to get his attention. The incident occurred at the Bourbon Bar on Australia’s Gold Coast.

In the video captured last month (February 16th) the rapper is seen interacting with members of his entourage in the VIP section of the club. Game, apparently distracted by the group of women, who were trying to get his attention — decided to violently discourage them by leaning over and spitting on them. O_o

One woman – who apparently caught the brunt of the projectile spit screamed out, “How dare you?!” to the rapper. Game is then seen taking off his chain — as if to prepare himself for a fight with the women. Fortunately the women showed more sense than the irate rapper as they decided to leave the club before things became escalated.

Sadly, the Game has a long record of such incidents as this one. Last year, he was reported to have “punched a man in the face outside of a record release party, screamed on a fan while on tour in Osio, and assaulted a man as they were playing a basketball game”.

Check out the gruesome video below. Stay Tuned.