News: Akon Suffers Another Lawsuit From Unpaid Bills, Owes Lawyers 39K


Hip-Hop artist Akon is having some major issues keeping tabs on his expenses. The hip-hop singer/producer is again being taken to court in unpaid bills.

It was only last month that the award winning producer was sued for $51,941 in an unpaid construction bills. Now with only a couple of days underway in this month, documents have already been filed in a Georgia court alleging that Akon has never paid his lawyers who he hired from the company, Yoss, to handle a few civil and business matters. According to the lawsuit, Akon owes a total of $39,363.74 which he refuses to pay the law firm.

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Akon has responded to the suit claiming that the law firm’s allegations are bogus and vows to fight back. Akon has also requested for the judge to dismiss the lawsuit altogether.

With Akon getting hauled off to court almost every month – this “Locked Up” artist, may just very well just get LOCKED UP.

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