Wale Fights Back Against Twitter Impersonator



Rapper Wale is having none of it when it comes to someone appropriating his likeness on Twitter, and stirring up trouble.


The YBF reports Wale called out a Twitter impersonator who made it seem as if the rapper wanted to perform a sex act on a fan. In the doctored Twitter DM (“direct message,” for you newbies) it seems as if Wale is asking if he can eat a female fan’s “lotus flower bomb,” which the impersonator explained to mean “booty.”


It wouldn’t be a problem if the DM exchange hadn’t gone viral. This prompted Wale to call out the impersonator, and show he was being impersonated via a series of screenshots. Needless to say, the impersonator fessed up to the fraudulent activity.


Oddly enough, his fans got upset at him for calling out the impersonator. Wale responded, “Two wrongs don’t make a right but.. I’m not here to be righteous .. I’m fortunate enuff to have a team of niggas for shit like this.”


Stay tuned for more.



Photo via ThisBeatGoes.com