Late Night: Jimmy Kimmel Takes Shots At Lil Wayne For Not Appearing On Show, Uses Fake Wayne Stand In


Late night host, Jimmy Kimmel flexed his comedic chops Thursday night to criticize Young Money rapper Lil Wayne for failing to show up at his scheduled appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”. According to the host, Lil Wayne’s excuse for being a no-show was that he was “unavailable” and “busy”.

Kimmel – apparently frustrated with the rapper’s diva antics, promptly went in on the rapper – even using a fake Lil Wayne stand-in from the audience to take the brunt of his frustration.

Check out the dialogue and video after the break:

Kimmel asks the fake Wayne:

“How often do you wash your hair?”; “Why would one wear headphones when one is at a basketball game?”; and “Will you eventually become ‘Fully Grown Adult Wayne?’” were a few of the insults hurled at the impromptu stand-in.

Watch the video below: