Drama Politics: Obama Sets Heckler Strait At Campaign Fundraiser, “Bit*h You Wasn’t With Me….” |Video|


While Drake’s verse on “Stay Scheming” would have probably made for a great Obama comeback to the heckler at his fundraiser, the President offered a more tactful response to the “young lady” who offered her sentiments on Obama’s Iran initiative.

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Last night, a woman at President Obama’s campaign fundraiser in New York City abruptly interrupted the events to shout her opinion about America’s role in the mounting tension between Iran and Israel.

“Use your leadership – no war on Iran!” she said, according to ABC News’ Jake Tapper and several reporters present.

Obama paused mid-speech, and offered a response:

“Nobody’s announced a war, young lady, but we appreciate your sentiment. You’re jumping the gun a little bit there.”

Check out the full interaction below:

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