Jill Scott Takes The High Road with Nicki Minaj’s Fans, Focused on New Album



Jill Scott is a vision of peace and light on Twitter where celebs tend to over share and create nightmares for their PR people.


Scott took the high road when it came to Nicki Minaj’s fans who didn’t take kindly to a tweet the R&B songstress sent after the rapper’s lackluster performance at the Grammy Awards.


Scott tweeted, “Art for art sake I suppose. She has the right to express herself and she took that right. Nuff said.” This led to an onslaught of tweets from Minaj’s Twitter minions in defense of their queen, and Scott’s fans got into the fray.


“Ok Love Village, let it go,” Scott told her fans. “They r children or very childish. It’s sad how teenagers lash out in arbitrary anger. I guess it’s the hormones. I wouldn’t hurt Nikki. Gud luc.”

Addressing the fan that said Roman, Minaj’s alter ego, was going to “come for” her, Scott said “in the name of Jesus, keep ur demons to yourself!”


And that folks, is how you handle tweefing. Well played Ms. Scott.


The chanteuse is also in a great mood because her latest album, “The Light of the Sun” is available in stores now.


Scott said this of her new album “The Light of the Sun;” “This record spoke to me as an inspiration for myself and for others to remember to count your personal blessings every day.”




Stay tuned for more.

Photo via Askmissa.com