Whitney Houston’s Body Guarded at Cemetery



Whitney Houston’s passing has garnered a tremendous amount of fanfare. The site where the fallen starlet is buried is being guarded by police, and the graveyard is under restricted access for one month. 


Houston was laid to rest at Fairview Cemetery in Newark, New Jersey beside her father, John. It was rumored that Houston was buried in jewels worth more than $500,000. However, this rumor is false; the jewelry placed on Houston at her home going service was removed prior to her burial.


In addition to the guards, Houston’s coffin — which is reported to be very expensive — is covered by an impenetrable slab of concrete. It has yet to be seen what measures her family will take to ensure the safety of Houston’s burial space after access to the cemetery is lifted. It seems as if a mausoleum may have been in order.


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Photo via Getty Images