84th Academy Awards – Pharrell and Sheila E. are in the House Band



The production team behind the Academy Awards are working hard to raise ratings that have been in a slump for several years. Justin Bieber wasn’t kidding when he said he was there to score the 18-24 year-old demographic. The attempt to reel in viewers who wouldn’t normally watch Oscars is evident in the selection made for the house band.¬†


This year the house band has two faces familiar to hip hop, and pop lovers alike.


Producer, and artist Pharrell Williams collaborated with composer Hans Zimmer on several pieces for the 84th Academy Awards. If you’ve been following the show into commercials, you can see Pharrell on the drums.


Master percussionist, and former Prince, New Power Generation drummer Sheila E. played alongside Pharrell, and several other talented musicians.


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Photo by Getty