Dead Beat Dad City: Warren Sapp Says He’s Not, A Warrant Is Issued for Juvenile’s Arrest



Child support suits are like death; they  seem to happen in groups of three. 


Earlier this week we told you about DMX’s pending suit for $1 million. Now ex-NFL player Warren Sapp, and rapper Juvenile have their own child support issues.

TMZ reported, Sapp’s ex-wife filed documents in Florida saying the former NFL star owed her $728,100 in back child support and alimony.


However, Sapp says he’s current with his child support payments but a little behind on support. So, Sapp is for the children but no ex-wifey.


Juvenile, best known for his single “Back that Azz Up” has a warrant out for his arrest. He may spend up to three months in prison for failing to pay more than $160,000 in back child support. However, he can avoid jail time by paying $50,000 up front. $50,000 seems to be the magic number  these days.


Stay tuned for more.


Photo by Theo Vargas/Wire Image