iDidn’t Do Anything Wrong: Chris Brown on Alleged Phone Theft



Chris Brown can’t get a break. He’s still on probation, and is in danger of being sent to jail over the alleged theft of an iPhone. 


However, Brown has confided in family, and friends that he “didn’t do anything wrong.”


Christal Spann alleges Brown snatched her camera after she attempted to take a photograph of the singer.

The police report states that Spann snapped a picture of Brown in the back of the car, and that is when Brown allegedly snatched the phone and told Spann, ‘Bi*ch, you ain’t giving this to no website.’


The filing of the incident report led to the creation of an arrest warrant for Brown. Thankfully, he did not take to Twitter, and is letting his attorney, Mark Geragos take the wheel.

‘Chris is saying that a decision about whether or not charges will be filed against him could be decided and formally announced as early as Friday. He will do whatever his attorney asks him to do. He is no longer in the Miami, but if he needs to return for any reason, he certainly will. Chris has nothing to hide.’


Unfortunately, Brown doesn’t even need to be convicted for it to be considered a violation of his probation. Brown is still on probation for the 2009 assault of his then girlfriend, and current collaborator Rihanna.


Brown may find out as early as today if he’ll be charged with a crime.

“My prosecutors are currently speaking with witnesses and reviewing all of the materials supplied by Miami Beach Police. Only after these reviews have been completed would any type of action be considered or taken. This is the basic process that every criminal case in Miami-Dade County undergoes,” a spokesperson for the Florida State Attorney’s Office said in a statement on Thursday.


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