Not Buying It: John Legend’s Fiancee Chrissy Teigen is Not a Fan of the Chris Brown/Rihanna Reunion




Model Chrissy Teigen let her feelings be known about Chris Brown and Rihanna’s musical reunion. 


The “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit model and fiancee of musician John Legend appeared on last night’s episode of Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” with host Andy Cohen. During each episode Cohen accepts calls, and tweets from viewers.


Most of the questions viewers asked were topical. However, one viewer named Brian from St. Louis dropped the Chris Brown/Rihanna bomb! Brown, and his ex-Rihanna collaborated on the remix of her song “Birthday Cake,” and his single “Turn Up the Music.” Three years ago Brown brutally assaulted the pop star before the Grammys.



While her fiance John Legend pleaded the fifth (Teigen cited Legend’s involvement in the industry); Teigen was candid. She is not okay with Brown and Rihanna’s reunion in the least bit.


“I absolutely think it’s terrible. John cannot speak because he is in the music realm.”


We respect Teigen’s right to speak freely but in doing so, did she inadvertently pull a Bundchen?


When you’re a high profile celebrity’s partner you become and extension of who they are in the industry. Therefor; what you say, and do can have adverse effects on one’s partner.


Stay tuned for more.


Photos via Bravo