You Can Always Go Home: Star Jones Returns To ‘The View’



It’s been five years since Star Jones left ABC’s daytime talkshow “The View.” Today she returned to chat with her former boss, Barbara Walters. 


Jones’ major sticking points for leaving were her surgery, and her contract; which was not renewed.


Jones and Walters did decide on a departure statement ahead of time but the former “Celebrity Apprentice” cast member went rogue.


“I take full responsibility for my own behavior, but I won’t take responsibility if I did not make a decision I couldn’t live with,” Jones said. “I made the decision to go out on my own terms, to control it, so that if I was ever invited back, I would feel good about it.”

“To say we were surprised is putting it mildly,” Walters reasoned, admitting to viewers that Jones’ contract was simply not renewed.


All of this happened after the cast faithfully kept Jones’ dirty little secret.


Jones knew asking her colleagues to specifically withhold information about her surgery and instead tell viewers she shed the weight through diet and Pilates was a tall order, but one The View’s Walters was happy to agree to.

“Because we loved you, we did lie,” Walters told Jones.


What are your thoughts on lying for a colleague, and Star Jones’ return to “The View.”


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Photo: Ida Mae Astute / ABC