Pay To Play: Terrence Howard Must Pay Wife $50,000



The last time we checked in on actor Terrence Howard he claimed his estranged wife’s statements were making it hard for him to land a job


Now, he has to fork over a wad of cash to the tune of $50,000 to his soon to be ex-wife Michelle Ghent Howard while their lawyers hash out an agreement.


Here is the breakdown per TMZ:

  • $10k in temporary support for rent, food, etc.
  • $20k so she can pay her lawyers
  • $20k so she can pay her accountants
  • and $1,800 per month for her Range Rover car payments


Howard has 30 days to fork over the funds. The pair (calling them a couple is just silly at this point) will return to court in 60 days.


Before celebrities go playing house — especially in the state of California — they need to play a game of solid prenup.


Stay tuned for more.