Tweefing It To The Streets: Miranda Lambert Disses Chris Brown In Concert |VIDEO|



Since Chris Brown’s recent performance on The Grammy’s, country music star Miranda Lambert has taken to Twitter to blast the R&B singer. 


Lambert — the wife of “The Voice” judge and country singer Blake Shelton — started the Twitter feud by posting:

“And Chris Brown Twice? I don’t get it. He beat on a girl … Not cool that we act like that didn’t happen.”


Brown fired back with:

“Hate all you want because I got a grammy now! That’s the ultimate f*** off.”


After a little back and forth — and promoting her husband’s show — on Twitter Lambert took her tweef to the streets … well, stage to be exact.


In the video below Lambert holds up a sign instructing Chris Brown to “take notes,”  before she launched in to her hit song “Gunpowder and lead.” According to Lambert, her father taught her it’s not okay to beat up on women; therefor, he taught her how to use a shotgun.


VIDEO: Miranda Lambert vs. Chris Brown



Do you believe Lambert is taking her disdain for Brown too far? We’re pretty sure no one has forgotten about the 2009 incident in which Chris Brown assaulted his then girlfriend, pop star Rihanna.


On another note; did Lambert speak out when 42-year-old country star Rodney Atkins got a slap on the wrist after he attempted to smother his wife of 10-years, and proceeded to assault her in front of their child?


Perhaps what happens on Twitter should stay on Twitter?


Stay tuned for more.