Hot Or Not: Odd Future, ‘Rella’ |VIDEO|



Odd Future is back with one “Rella” crazy video! 


“Rella” is a combination of a teenage boy’s fantasy land — video game references,  lasers, wilding out — and nightmare all rolled in one. The lyrics aren’t the only thing bound to cause some controversy. In one scene Domo Genesis slaps a young Black woman; when her head recoils she’s been transformed into an Asian female. Later, Domo seems to slap Tyler for balance.


Also, there’s an MC Lyte reference she may not dig.


There’s more crazy stuff you have to see for yourself.


VIDEO: Hodgy, Domo Genesis And Tyler, The Creator- Rella



OFWGKTA is the stuff of many 30-something-year-old, White, male music reviewers dreams.


The boys will be hitting the road soon.


Stay tuned for more.