Whitney Houston Failed Pre-Plastic Surgery Medical Test Two Weeks Before Death



Just two weeks before dying Whitney Houston failed a series of routine tests used to determine clearance for plastic surgery. 


Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Marc Mani refused to perform a face-lift on the ailing star after she failed routine tests. The tests proved Houston’s heart, liver, and lungs were in distress from years of drug and alcohol abuse, and smoking. Dr. Mani expressed his displeasure with surgeons, and doctors who placate celebrities’ quest for youth at the risk of their health.


Former “Dr. 90210” star, and plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Rey spoke with Fox’s “Inside Edition.” Dr. Rey confirmed Houston would not have survived surgery. All surgery carries risk; however, when a patient is unhealthy the risk is greatly increased.


After years of substance abuse, Houston was poised for a comeback. Her upcoming film “Sparkle” is a remake of the 1976 film starring Irene Cara. “Sparkle” stars Houston as the stage mom behind a successful girl group. The film in which “American Idol” winner Jordin Sparks co-stars is still on track for an August 2012 release.


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