A Milli: DMX Reported To Owe More Than $1 Million In Child Support



We’re happy to report rapper DMX seems to be up to date on his taxes. Don’t break out the party favors yet because he may owe more than $1 million dollars in child support. However … 


… the rapper doesn’t believe he’s the father of his ex-girlfriend Patricia Trejo’s 10-year-old daughter.


DMX requested permission to perform in Europe but Trejo wants “her” money before the rapper can go anywhere. She is arguing against a petition DMX filed in L.A. Superior Court. Per TMZ ” in paternity cases where significant child support is owed, the owing parent is prohibited from obtaining a passport without a court order — and X wants a special dispensation.”


How is DMX going to pay Trejo back child-support if he isn’t able to bolster his finances? We doubt he’ll defect to Switzerland  — should he be granted permission to travel to Europe — where he’d stand out like a sore thumb. Besides chocolate, Switzerland is known for neutrality, bank accounts, and tough extradition laws.


Our solution to paternity drama? Condoms.


Stay tuned for more.