BREAKING NEWS: Was Bobby Brown Asked To Leave Whitney Houston’s Home Going Service? |VIDEO|




Bobby Brown has left Whitney Houston’s funeral. There are disputes as to whether he was asked to leave, or left on his own accord. 


Brown was officially invited to the home going service by Houston’s family.


In this  video obtained from TMZ you can hear members of the media express their shock as Brown exists the church where Houston’s service is being held.


VIDEO: Bobby Brown Leaves Whitney Houston’s Hospital


While some reports say Bobby left over a dispute about seating, a source tells TMZ he argued with the family because he wanted to speak during the service … but was denied.


If  you are watching the service it’s clear Brown and Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina is sitting stage left (your right) with her grandmother Cissy.


Even Houston’s long-time body guard was allowed to speak.


Rev. Al Sharpton sent this tweet:


The question is; why is Rev. Sharpton tweeting at a funeral?


UPDATE – 2:21 PM

According to our sources, Brown was invited, plus two, but instead showed up with an entourage of nine people. We’re told Bobby became upset when he found out they would not seat his whole party. 

Our sources say Bobby wanted to sit with his daughter, Bobbi Kristina, but Whitney’s family was not having it.


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