Holly Robinson Peete On Whitney Houston, Marriage, and Getting Fired From “The Talk” |VIDEO|



Earlier this week Holly Robinson Peete sat down on Wendy Williams’ couch. She spoke about her friend Whitney  Houston, her 17 year marriage, the “21 Jump Street” movie, and why she was fired from “The Talk.”


It’s hard to believe “21 Jump Street,” and “Hanging with Mr. Cooper” alum Holly Robinson Peete is 47 years old. She showed off her fit, and gorgeous figure in an LPD (little purple dress).


Whitney Houston

Robinson spoke candidly about her relationship with “Nippy,” as Whitney Houston was called by her dear friends. Houston comforted Robinson Peete through an emotionally draining breakup.


21 Jump Street

Robinson Peete has a small cameo in the feature film based on the series she starred in during the 198os. Peter DeLuise, and Johnny Depp will also appear.


The Talk

As usual, Wendy pulls no punches and got straight to the “hot topic”: Robinson Peete’s shocking firing from CBS’s daytime talk show “The Talk.”


Since Robinson Peete decided to take the high-road, Williams broke it down for viewers. The cast of “The Talk” wanted Oprah to visit the show. However, Oprah is notoriously protective of her personal brand. Williams explained; Oprah was only willing to speak one-on-one with Holly Robinson Peete; — not the rest of the cast — not even Julie Chen.


Julie Chen is CBS president and CEO Les Moonves’ wife, and essentially the Barbara Walters figure on “The Talk,” which airs on CBS. The rest is history, and so was Holly Robinson Peete’s spot on the show. Actress Leah Remini was also fired.


 17-Year-Long Marriage to Rodney Peete

The actress, and philanthropist has been married to former NFL quarterback Rodney Peete for 17 years. They have four gorgeous children; one with autism.  The marriage has not been with out issues. The couple had a difficult time coping with the discovery of their son R.J.’s illness.


Holly and Rodney Peete renewed their vows on Monday, February 13, 2012 at New York’s Empire State building. Guests included Al Roker, and L.A. Reid.


Keeping It Spicy

Robinson Peete confessed to having “quality time” in the  family minivan when there’s too much going on at home. When Wendy asked her “what was the sexiest thing you’ve ever done for your husband,” the actress responded by serenading him in front of the Wendy Williams studio audience.


VIDEO:  Holly Robinson Peete on The Wendy Williams Show 2-13-2012


Robinson Peete is the comeback queen. Currently she has a reoccurring role on CBS’s top rated show “Mike and Molly.” She also gives time to her own foundation and other charitable organizations. Don’t be fooled by big names, Robinson Peete and her husband set the standard for celebrity fundraising with the HollyRod Foundation.


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