What Happens In Vegas: Scott Storch Gets Arrested For Coke and It’s Not Cola



Scott Storch, the producer most famous for blowing a $30 million fortune on drugs was arrested in Vegas earlier this month for possession of cocaine. 


The producer who has worked with Beyonce, and 50 Cent, and has dated Lil Kim is a recovering relapsing addict.


TMZ reports:

Sources tell us … the arrest went down after an employee called police to complain that Storch wouldn’t pay for his room.

When cops arrived to the scene, we’re told officers discovered Storch was in possession of cocaine. Storch was hauled to a nearby police station … where he was released on $5k bond.


VIDEO: Scott Storch In L.A.


What happens in Vegas won’t stay in Vegas if you’re a high-profile producer who gets arrested for possession of coke.


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