Oh The Linsanity: Kim Kardashian’s New Swirl, Meeting With Jeremy Lin |RUMOR|



A few weeks ago “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star Kim Kardashian said she wouldn’t date anymore football players. However, she didn’t say basketball players were off the menu.


We had a sneaking suspicion something was amiss when Wendy Williams announced Kim Kardashian was starting a Bible study group. Yes, we scratched our heads too, and spent some time reflecting on how we’d live out our last days before the coming Rapture.


The Internet rumor mill — fueled by Media Take Out — is reporting the sultry, chronic sports player dater, Kardashian is making moves on basketball phenom Jeremy Lin. Kardashian is best friends with LaLa Anthony whose husband Carmelo Anthony is Lin’s teammate.


The New York Knicks’ point guard is a proud Christian — essentially the Tim Tebow of basketball — so we are not sure Kim K. is his cup of tea from a religious standpoint. However, MTO reports Lin is excited about the


Perhaps it’s time for Kardashian to stop dating anyone involved in a sport with “ball” at the end.


Tiger Woods is free.


Stay tuned for more.