Hot Or Not: Breaking Beyond: Vol. 3 – “Beats to the Rhyme” (ft. Kwame) |VIDEO|



Our fondest memories of rapper/producer Kwame include polka dot t-shirts, and high top fades. Kwame guests on “Beats to the Rhyme” the latest single from rapper Beyond Belief, sans his trademark 1990s hair-do, and clothing.


Beyond Belief is not some fly by night rapper. He’s kicked it with J. Cole, Donny Goines, and Red Cafe. His flow is reminiscent of late 1980s/early 1990s rap straight out of NYC.


An assist by his producer Kwame is just the icing on the cake.


VIDEO: Breaking Beyond: Vol. 3 – Beats to the Rhyme (ft. Kwame)



“Breaking Beyond” is a weekly video series written, performed, directed, and edited by Beyond Belief, that airs every Wednesday.


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One thing, what’s with this “d**k in your mouth all day” mantra?


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