IRS Mess: Nas Owes The IRS More Than $6 Million



Owing the IRS money is the new black.


The list of rappers, and athletes who owe the IRS money is getting longer and longer. The U.S. economy is in dire straits and Uncle Sam wants people to cough up those green backs.


Rapper Nas is the latest celeb to have the IRS “tax that ass” by placing a lien on his property. Nasir Jones owes the IRS $339,000 in back taxes on top of a reported $6 million owed from years past.


According to official documents obtained by TMZ, Nas never forked over $339,005.49 in federal income tax he owed for 2010 … and now the U.S. government has obtained a lien on his property. Being a tax scofflaw is nothing new for Nas … according to public records, dude is also on the hook for more than $6 MILLION DOLLARS in back taxes from previous years.


If you make enough to owe $6 million shouldn’t you be able to pony up the cash?


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Photo by Seth Browarnik/Wire Image