Hot Or Not: Lil Kim, “If You Love Me” |STREAM|



On the new single “If You Love Me” rapper Lil Kim sounds like yet another young woman craving the attention of a man who won’t claim her in public.


Lil Kim seems to be following in Cassie’s footsteps with the single, “If You Love Me”.  The difference is Cassie’s single sounds stronger; more dignified. Get right with God, the end is near.


Kim’s rhyming on the track is sub par and the hook — which she sings — needs help.


LISTEN: Lil Kim, “If You Love Me”


We’re all for entertainers switching it up but Kim should stick to what she knows.


Don’t get us started on the artwork.


Catch the Queen Bee on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens: Live!” with Andy Cohen at 11 PM EST, tonight. Kim’s playing “Plead The Fifth” with Cohen will be far more interesting than this track.


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