Chris Brown Needs A Slice of Humble Pie, Offensive Tweets Are Bad For Business



Chris Brown just doesn’t get it; a little humility goes a long way.

Sure, he did a great job at the Grammys; dancing like Teen Wolf meets Qbert, and he won the Best R&B Album award for “Fame.” No one can deny he is an entertaining performer. However, he seems to forget the elephant in the room: three years ago he assaulted Rihanna right before the Grammys. Many fans and non-fans alike still remember.


He’s worked hard to bounce back from the ramifications of the assault, and is lucky his mostly female fan-base didn’t leave him faster than Kim Kardashian left Chris Humphries. However, he still has a lot of growing up to do, and he is collecting strikes left and right.


Who can forget the tantrum he threw after his interview with “Good Morning America’s” Robin Roberts in early 2011. He shattered a window in his dressing room with a chair, and stormed out of the building — shirtless. Later, “Access Hollywood” blamed the outburst on questions about the assault, and now ex-girlfriend Rihanna. However, all of Roberts’ questions about Rihanna were pre-approved.


During Sunday’s Grammys, many in the social media sphere tweeted, and posted about Brown’s assault charge stemming from his pre-Grammy beating of Rihanna. The beautiful pop-star was left bloodied, with a swollen and busted lip, black eye, and knot on her head. In interviews following the assault her eyes seemed vacant and you could tell she was emotionally scarred.


Many wondered aloud why Brown was given a forum to perform. “Haters” as Brown called them, took to Twitter to tweet their displeasure. Brown decided to fire back.


Mashable reports:


The hip-hop performer lashed out on his Twitter account, addressing his critics in a series of missives ending with a final “F You.” A few minutes later, Brown (or his handlers) thought better of it and attempted to delete all evidence of his Twitter tantrum.


Mashable staff member Stephanie Haberman happened to capture one of Brown’s offensive tweets (below), before it was deleted.



Chris Brown’s tweet is a public relations nightmare. Instead of ignoring those with unfavorable opinions of him being allowed to perform, he dived right into a perfect storm. His post-Grammy tweets were completely unnecessary, and may have undone a lot of hard work.


What are your thoughts on the controversy surrounding Brown’s performance and subsequent tweets? Should people just forgive and forget — does Brown need extensive help? Or, is he an arrogant young man who doesn’t deserve another chance.


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