What’s In A Name: Beyonce And Jay-Z Trademark Blue Ivy’s Name



What’s in a name? Apparently, a lot of future earning potential if your name is Blue Ivy, and your mom and dad are two of the world’s biggest stars.


Blue Ivy is less than one month old but Jay-Z and Beyonce have already trademarked their baby’s name.

The application to trademark Blue Ivy Carter’s name, filed by BGK Trademark Holdings (BeyoncĂ©’s company) is currently pending but will likely be approved because, as the Washington Post reports, parents are legally authorized to trademark the names of their minor children.


MTV reports, two designers with no affiliation to Beyonce, Jay-Z, or any entity they own attempted to trademark the infant’s name for their own purpose.

Applications from fashion designer Joseph Mbeh to patent “Blue Ivy Carter NYC” and by an unnamed designer to trademark “Blue Ivy Carter Glory IV” for a fragrance line were denied by the Patent Office, which noted in its decision that the name belonged to a “very famous infant” and consumers would wrongly assume that any products bearing the name had been approved by BeyoncĂ© and Jay-Z.


Everything is a commodity.


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