TV Show: Key & Peele Comedy Sketch Show (Season 1 Episode 1)


If you’re a fan of sketch comedy, you’ll fall in love with theses two guys. Key & Peele use to play a huge part on MADtv but lending a deal with comedy central. MSDTV was at the screening of the show a few weeks back and you’d be a fool not to watch their show every Tuesdays at 10:30pm.

One of the best skits on the season premiere is called “I Said B**ch” where two men attempt to say a forbidden word in regards to their women. HILARIOUS! Other skits include Lil Wayne adjustment to life behind bars, and President Obama expressing how he really feels – with the help of his anger translator.


Hit the jump to watch it in its entirety.

If you’re in the US, CLICK HERE TO WATCH. If you’re in Canada, CLICK HERE TO WATCH.