Pay Day: Will 50 Cent Collect On His Super Bowl Bet With Birdman?



A few weeks ago 50 Cent made two Super Bowl bets. We’re wondering if he’ll be collecting on any of them, for real.


As reported earlier, Birdman bet 50 Cent $5 million (Fif only bet $1 million though) the Patriots would beat the New York Giants by 3-points. Also, there was the whole penis/breast Twitter photo bet which 50 Cent has since dismissed.


Watch the video below to hear what Fif has to say about the Twitter bets.


Video: 50 Cent’s Million Dollar Super Bowl Bet



Video: 50 Cent ‘I Get Money’



So far it’s been crickets from Birdman but we know he’s good for the money.


Stay tuned for more.