Flipping The Bird: M.I.A. Stole Super Bowl Half-time Show From Madonna and Nicki Minaj




The New York Giants just won the 46th Super Bowl and we’ll be talking about their exciting final play (the accidental touchdown) for a while. We’ll also be talking about the biggest surprise of the night, and it had nothing to do with commercials.


Pop-agitator M.I.A. — born Mathangi Arulpragasam — flipped the bird to the entire Super Bowl watching world duringĀ  Madonna’s performance of Give Me All Your Luvin’ — with Nicki Minaj.


Censors in some areas didn’t catch the offending action in time. MSDTV was watching in NYC and we saw it all. The censors missed M.I.A.’s sneaky move by a few seconds.


We have yet to see if M.I.A.’s flip off will approach the level of Janet Jackson’s nipplegate from Super Bowl 38.


M.I.A’s father-in-law Edgar Bronfman Jr., is a heavy hitter in media so maybe he can call in a favor when the FCC comes calling.


Earlier this week M.I.A. premiered her video for the single Bad Girls; this lady sticks to her guns.


Video: M.I.A. ‘Bad Girls’ (Official Video)


Ah sookie, sookie M.I.A.


Stay tuned for more.