Shooting In The Gym: Drake’s Ex Sues Him For Royalties From ‘Marvin’s Room’



Twenty-five year-old Drake has been on his game for quite some time now. For the most part he is still wet behind the ears in the rap game; however, Billboard just announced he broke Diddy’s record for the most number one hip hop/rap singles.


Earlier today we introduced you to his video for the single Practice; which will definitely be killing the charts.


It’s rather unfortunate we have to inform you Canada’s most revered export since bacon, and maple syrup is being sued.



Drake’s ex, Ericka Lee wants her share of profits from Marvin’s Room, like yesterday. Lee filed a suit in California claiming she and Drake worked on the song together, and were going to split the profits. Lee was credited on the song as Syren Lyric Muse. However, that wasn’t enough to appease the vocalist.


Lee alerted the U.S. patent office that her voice was used on Marvin’s Room. However, Cash Money countered by saying Lee was an employee for hire. In other words, she wasn’t entitled to anything other than say what a backup singer would get — no rights, and no royalties.


Drake’s ex wasn’t done yet. She pulled out the big guns in the form of lawyer, Neville Johnson  — he’s sued Drake before.


Can you hear that sound? Listen a little closer. It’s Vanessa Bryant laughing her ass off as she mocks Drake; “You wasn’t with me, shooting in the gym.”


Stay tuned for more.