Flying High: What Do Snoop Dogg and Joan Rivers Have In Common? |Video|



What does a little old lady — and groundbreaking¬† comedienne — from Brooklyn named Joan Rivers have in common with a rapper from Compton named Snoop Dogg?


Wait for it, wait for it …



… weed


During a recent episode of Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best, the 78-year-old comedienne got so high after smoking up, she had to call her daughter Melissa to pick her up.


Image via Gawker


Check out this video of the comedienne smoking up.


Video – Lynne and Joan Smoking Weed


Relax y’all, her weed is medicinal. Cough, cough.


Joan is gangster. She doesn’t take prisoners during her stand-up show, or on the red carpet.


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