New Music: Busta Rhymes feat. Chris Brown “Why Stop Now” |Video|



If there’s one thing we love it’s a video with high production value. The dark, Hype Williams directed “Why Stop Now” takes its inspiration from graphic novels including “Hellboy”.


Who knew Busta was such a fanboy?


Video and free Android Market download link after the break.


Busta’s guttural, rapid fire spitting meshes well with Chris Brown’s refrain of “why stop now, I can everything;” complete with a snarled face and contortions completely makes “Why Stop Now” an insane video.


Video – Busta Rhymes “Why Stop Now ft. Chris Brown” Official Music Video


At one point Busta seems to pay homage to his Jamaican heritage via a video model who throws in a dutty wine that’s a little less dangerous than usual.


Why stop now Busta? What else do you have for your fans? Oh, this free download for Andriod users. Thanks.


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