Cory Gunz: My Arrest Was A Big Mistake



On Saturday, Jan., 28 Young Money’s Cory Gunz (government: Peter Cory Pankey Jr.) was arrested in the Bronx, New York for having an unregistered and loaded .9mm pistol. He was charged with criminal possession of a loaded firearm. A conviction carries a mandatory minimum sentence of three and a half years in jail.



“This was a big mistake on my part,” Gunz told the New York Daily News early Monday morning after his dad, Peter Gunz, posted the $30,000 bail. “I didn’t have any intentions of harming anyone or committing a criminal activity. So many young people look up to me and I need to fight through this.”

“It’s been really hard, really stressful,'”Cory continued. “When the smoke finally clears, people will understand what was going on.”


Yes Cory, we’d like to know exactly what you were thinking walking around with a loaded weapon. And what do these tweets mean?



Any Body Gets it; ABG? Okay.


Stay tuned for more.